Baby #2

Ok….. so my and my sugar pie have rekindled our relationship and we would like to try for baby number 2. I have tried almost every position possibly EXCEPT for stand on my head. Is there anything that I can drink to get this party started? I do have poly cystic ovarian syndrome…… it prevents me from getting a period regularly and increases my testosterone levels. I have been getting my periods for the last four to six months and they haven’t been too bad. Is there anything that I can drink or take that is NOT prescribed by a doctor and won’t cost me both of my arms and legs? I am on a budget so nothing too crazy. I appreciate any and every response. 



Did you miss me????? I know I’ve missed running my mouth and all that other other stuff with you guys!!!! There’s sooooo fucking much to talk about. What I will NOT indulge in is talking about all the problems that are going on with the whole race thing. It’s a touchy subject and that’s all I’m going to say about the issue. Other than THAT, I’m down to talk about anything.  From WAGS to the cooking channel to them stankin ass Kardashians.

What makes marriage hard?

What is so hard about being married? I hear people and I mean A LOT of people say that marriage is really hard. I know that since I haven’t been married before, I probably won’t understand, but I’ve been in long-term relationships before and we really didn’t have any problems where we were violent or really harsh towards one another. I know people who have been together for 5,6,10 years and have no problems, but as soon as they get married all of a sudden it’s hard. HOW? You’ve just spent all this time with this person BEFORE getting married and then shit got hard. What changed? WHAM-O!!!!!!! That’s the number one question……..WHAT CHANGES AFTER YOU GET MARRIED? Besides your last name. You have sat beside this person for YEARS, watched them go through good times, bad times, and vice versa. You may have had children together. You guys have taken trips, you may have even cleaned up each other’s puke and wiped each other’s asses for all we know. What made it hard AFTER you signed that paper? #thoughts #comments #opinions #share

Watch “Lamar Odom Goes Off on TMZ Camerman: “I Been Taking This Sh*t for 2 Years Straight!”” on YouTube ……….STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING THAT FAMILY SAYS!!!! I hope and PRAY he gets the opportunity to spill his fucking beans about them. Caitlyn Jenner has already began telling about the shit that Kris Jenner has put him through and they came after him like stank on shit. Scott lost both of his parents within a month of each other and they basically told him to just suck it up. REALLY BITCH???? Only YEEZUS knows what they are going to do to him. I can’t wait for the day that Lamar and Scott disick to let their lips fly BUT it’s gonna take for kanye west to go through the bullshit before shit REALLY hits the fan!!! Oh……..and believe me you…..IT’S COMING!!!! Watch and wait


What would you do to become famous?? Would you make a sex tape? What would your sex tape be like? Would you film it like a day in the life of you? You know where your just hanging out with your boo thang, chilling, grubbing, fucking and sucking? Kinda like Kim K’s tape BUT with GREAT sex and good dick sucking skills. You MUST have good dick sucking skills in order for men to really want to watch it. I don’t even like watching pornos if her sucking skills are not up to par. You gotta love the dick. Become one with the dick. Enjoy sucking it and feeling it grow bigger and bigger in the palms of your hands. I think I could make a great porno. ESPECIALLY if I can get paid off of it. Man listen….. I’m sucking the skin off of that pipe cleaner!!! I’m throwing ass like I’m Derek Jeter and it’s the last game of the World Series, bottom of the ninth. By the time that I’m done, EVERYONE in the room should want a cigarette. I’m going IN! The ONLY thing that I’m gonna need is…………….a man with a WHOLE lot of penis. There’s no way in HELL that a great porno can be made with a baby dick………NO WAY POSSIBLE!!! You can’t even get good sex with a man who has a baby dick. No one is going to watch that. It would be considered a comedy, NOT a porno. But yeah, I’m down for fucking and sucking on the big screen. And I want a huge premier party when it comes out and LOTS of press. I would say that it was leaked BUT there’s only so many times that people will believe that before it gets old and played out. I would be straight up honest, ” Yes, I knew about it, yes I let them film, yes I want you to purchase it, and……….thank you, come again.

The Spice of Life

Having sex in your bedroom can get pretty boring after a while and sometimes you have to think outside of the box and spice shit up. Where’s the craziest place that you have had sex at? I’m not talking about having sex in the shower or shit like that because that too can get boring also. I’m talking about outside on a picnic bench in your local park when the sun is setting. Or on the side of the house while at a family barbecue. Shit like that! The craziest place that I have had sex in is on the boardwalk, surrounded by water and lights ( mind you, I’m DEATHLY afraid of large bodies of water, due to not being able to swim), the bridge in the  background lit up, and across the water, a huge metal company that’s also lit up. If you ask me, SOMEONE seen us that night. There was NO way in hell that they couldn’t. Rockefeller center during Christmas wasn’t as lit up as this area was. I was so wrapped up in the moment that I didn’t even care. It was kinda exciting really. The idea of someone seeing you and watching you get your rocks off………..sorry, kinda got stuck in that moment real quick. My bad lol. Or having sex in your kitchen while there are people in your house. Sometimes you have to change it up or your significant other will change you for someone else who’s into trying new things. Fellas, if she’s not spicing shit up then YOU spice it up. Slide your hand in her panties and play with her pussy while she’s cooking or washing dishes. Don’t be afraid to initiate shit. If you guys like fishing, eat her pussy while she’s waiting for a fish. Ladies, take your man for a nice leisurely walk after dinner, and while walking bump into him every now and then and stroke his dick. Get him nice and hard and slide off and suck him off real quick. Mannnnn…..he’s probably not gonna make it back home to fuck you there, but hold him off and continue to stroke it until you get home. He’s going to bust your guts WIDE open to the white meat when he does get to fuck you!!!! You have to keep your sex life popping. It is a MUST!!!!!!! Don’t be a stick in the butt. Nobody likes a stick in the butt!


Soooooo……the train wreck that is the Kardashians is back on t.v.and it seems to be getting a little bit juicy. Scott’s about to make his grand exit, Kylie steps up into the limelight a lot more, and the claws are coming out between Kim and Khloe. Ohhhhhhhh………….. I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one who caught Khloe call Kim a slore and hint at her old slorish ways. Talk about TIGHT! All Kim could do was cut her eyes and flip her hair. Now, I’m hearing that their mom, Kris Jenner, wants to have Rob come back to the show and document his weight loss journey. Nobody would really pay attention to that. If you REALLY want to get everyone back on board that Kardashian luxury yacht, document Khloe and Lamar rekindling their relationship/ marriage. Trust me honey, EVERYONE including the president would watch that shit. ESPECIALLY after you disrespected him to thee FULLEST and had everyone believing he was smoking crack. Now THAT would be good got damn t.v! Every season, we watch her mention him and wanting that relationship back and trying to reach out to him. Just admit to all of the world that you fucked up. He wasn’t smoking crack. Maybe he dabbled in other people’s pussy a little too often, but hey, say that shit. Now had you said he was doing dope, then you MIGHT have been a lot more persuasive, especially NOW. Just slide that pride to the side and GET YOUR MAN GIRL!! I KNOW you have got to be missing the shit of that dick. And we ALL know, there’s NOTHING like some good ass dick! #StopPlaying