Mayweather / Pacquiao

WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA BABY I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY!!!!! I’m not a boxing fan but Floyd Mayweather is gonna get that ass BEAT!!!! #MannyForTheWin…….. Are any of you guys watching the fight? Are you a boxing fan??? Who are you rooting for??? Why?? Do you think it’s RIDICULOUS that he’ll make 180 MILLION dollars either way???? Advertisements


I know I’m NOT the only person who has a SLIGHT addiction to watching the Kardashians. I will sit and watch like I’m a really big fan but in actuality, I really don’t get what it is exactly that they do! I know that they have stores, makeup, shoes, yadda yadda yadda…..But besides getting thoseĀ  […]

Sex and Older men

Have you ever dated and or slept with an older man?? I’m not talking about 1-5 years or 20+ years older. Like in between 5-10 year difference between the two of yous? What was and/or what is the sex like?? Does he need viagra yet? Does he fuck you good and hard?? Does he eat […]

The SWEETEST of meats

How many of you gals AND guys like sweet meat??? I’m talking about the SWEETEST of the meats? I’m talking about as soon as you hear or see the meat approaching you get excited. You salivate about the meat. The meat entices you.You sometimes even catch yourself looking at other people’s plates looking at their […]

Eyebrow madness

Ok… So it’s NO surprise…. I don’t know shit about makeup but I keep on trying. I don’t know what brands are the best for colored ladies… Shit… I don’t know what brands are best for any ladies. There’s so many different names and products that it can be a bit confusing. I see mascara […]

Waist trainers and Wrapping

Yea……. I TRIED it…….. Wrapped myself up like a burrito SUPER DUPER tight in saran wrap, added fourteen different layers of clothing, then added one of those plastic sweat suits ON TOP of all of that and got under ALL of the heaviest blankets I have, put the fan in my face and went to […]


I’ve NEVER worn makeup before…..WAIT…..Let me correct that….. I BARELY wear makeup. The only thing I’ve ever worn was mascara and lip gloss and to be completely honest I don’t know shit about makeup. I still buy wet and wild cosmetics. I have NO idea what to buy. I know I can watch YouTube videos […]