Did it work???

Question…… Have you ever gotten all dolled up in your sexiest lingerie and or panties and bra and enticed your special someone in the bedroom??? What did you try?? Did it excite them??? Were they aroused??? Did it turn you on as well??? I’ve never tried anything of the sorts and I really want to spice some shit up but I don’t know what try.


2 thoughts on “Did it work???

  1. Enticing someone to the bedroom doesn’t always have to mean heels, sexy lingerie and tons of makeup. When im in the mood to entice someone I shave the legs and lady parts, put a little base makeup and a little mascara, some clothes that make you feel good about yourself, and WEAR YOUR HAIR DOWN. I always like to wash and straighten my hair cause I feel like I look better. Make sure your toe nails are painted and look decent. The clothes are coming off anyways so who cares what your wearing!! Something that I have found really turns a guy on is slightly biting down on their lip and pull a little or biting a little on their neck(not hard to make a hickey) and breathing hard in their ear. IT DRIVES THEM CrAzY!!!! Once they are turned on dont give them exactly what they want as soon as they are ready, hold out for a bit and tease them and tease them then go get a glass of water or something. I swear they will follow you like a puppy dog cause they are so ready to have you. Hope this helps! 🙂


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