Welcome to my WORLD!

Hello peoples, my name is Zofie. I’m a thick juicy gal looking to talk about everything from relationships,sex, clothes, shoes, hair, weaves, and makeup. Oh and anything else that comes across my mind. Oh…. but here’s the kicker………. I DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT MAKEUP,CLOTHES,SHOES, HAIR, WEAVES, MAKEUP,OR RELATIONSHIPS! CRAZY….. yeah I know. But that’s where you come in the mix. This is where you give me your advice, your opinions, your how to go about things. Yes, I’m in a very healthy, happy, very sexual relationship, but I want to kick it up a little bit. I want to change some shit up. People always say, ” there’s ALWAYS someone asking and doing what you want to ask and do but don’t”. Yeah well………. I’M ASKING NOW!!! I’m doing this for me…. but I’m also doing this for the ladies who still won’t. So let’s talk, laugh, comment, and share some shit. I’m dying to know what works for you and your go-to secrets and faves. The floor is open….. WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!! #Enjoy


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