What WON’T you do with your spouse?

I have a healthy sexual relationship with my guy, and to top it off, he’s older than me. I could have sex once a day and  be fine but ever since I’ve met him, it’s been almost every night and 2x back to back and its been YEARS since we met. Also, he’s very into eating pussy. I prefer that he not eat my ass, just my preference. I myself have no problem with reciprocation, in fact, when I’m drinking I really get turned on by it. Crazy I know…… BUT I also am not into eating ass either. My question to you is, do you enjoy oral both ways and do you give oral both ways? How far is TOO far for you?


4 thoughts on “What WON’T you do with your spouse?

    • Lmaooo…. See…. my boyfriend won’t even let me go anywhere near that area. I don’t see what would feel so great about it. I don’t find it to be a “Oh, that feels good” type of of thing. But to each his own. If that’s your ” thing” hey, it’s cool…… but ummm… I don’t partake in that.


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