Date night

So…. tonight was date night for me and my boyfriend. He’s like ” where something sexy!” HUH??? I don’t own anything sexy!!!! The closest thing I have to sexy is a pair of jeans and a off the shoulder shirt I bought YEARS ago and has become my ” when in doubt” shirt. My only pair of heels are from payless and the heels are worn down so bad they look like really bad flats. Shameful…. yes, I know. So when I get done getting dressed, I’m wearing my jeans, my good shirt, and ………….basketball sneakers. WHY? Because they look better than the flats ok. And by the way, No, I’m not completely matching. Needless to say, he was mad, and he took me to the drive thru and back home. You would think that I would be a lot more into shoes seeing how he LOVES looking at ladies shoes. He says, ” there’s just something about a lady in a sexy pair of shoes” particularly HEELS!! I know about #JustFab #Shoedazzle #Louboutins and all the other shoe brands but……. I’m on a budget! I’m a tight tight gal on a TIGHT TIGHT budget. What online shoe places do you shop from and what would you recommend? #Thanks


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