I’ve NEVER worn makeup before…..WAIT…..Let me correct that….. I BARELY wear makeup. The only thing I’ve ever worn was mascara and lip gloss and to be completely honest I don’t know shit about makeup. I still buy wet and wild cosmetics. I have NO idea what to buy. I know I can watch YouTube videos about applying makeup but that’s NOT the problem…… The problem is… what products to buy. I’m not trying to walk around looking like I have peanut butter smeared all over my face because I’ve seen ladies and an even men now, walking around with that look. It’s NOT a good look either. lmao….sorry….. I am a light skinned gal and I’ve got some dark spots as well……. So let’s talk…. What are YOUR go-to products for a clean, fresh, NON peanut butter cakey look? What keeps your makeup fresh and funky? What helps keep your makeup in tact so that it doesn’t run down your face and you end up looking like you have a melted ice cream sundae with all the works running down your face!!!!


3 thoughts on “MAKEUP 101

  1. CC cream!!! It absorbs into your skin but still gives a bit of coverage and a glow! If you want to cover the dark spots, you can use a correcting pen underneath…but I say let all the skin shine through! BB or CC creams give the appearance of a more uniform skin, whilst still letting your skin peek through. Your skin….only better! ❤


    • That’s what that stuff is?? Lmao…. I thought it was just lotion. So it.doesn’t leave your face feeling cakey.and heavy? I don’t wanna look two toned, where my face is one color and my neck is a different one. Thanks for the tip. Now are ALL bb and cc creams the same or do you prefer a specific brand? 🙂


      • They are not all the same! If you’re looking for a fantastic drugstore brand, the Maybelline Fresh BB cream is AMAZING – leaves a natural glow, but don’t use this if you have oily skin. The Bourjois CC cream is SO wonderful! It’s got the right amount of coverage and NO cake face!!! If you haven’t already, hop on over to my BB, CC, DD cream post to learn more about each one. I know….there’s even a DD cream…UGH! 🙂 Let me know if you try any of them and what you think! ❤


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