Waist trainers and Wrapping

Yea……. I TRIED it…….. Wrapped myself up like a burrito SUPER DUPER tight in saran wrap, added fourteen different layers of clothing, then added one of those plastic sweat suits ON TOP of all of that and got under ALL of the heaviest blankets I have, put the fan in my face and went to sleep. MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN listen……. I woke up DRENCHED as all hell!! I’m talking about change everything I have on, including my draws and TRY to go back to sleep. Why go back to sleep you ask??? Because I had only been asleep for 4 hours!!!! It was only 3 am!!! I can’t handle doing that shit every night. I’ve changed so much that my boyfriend thinks I’m doing midnight performances and cheating because I wake up dressed in something totally different. So then I thought about getting a waist trainer. I’ve heard good things but then I’ve heard some bad things. I’m just trying to get my waist snatched a LIL bit…NOT break my ribs. Lol…. Are they safe??? Do you recommend trying one?? There’s TONS of people pushing this one and that one but what one REALLY snatches you WITHOUT snatching you and crippling you at the same time?


3 thoughts on “Waist trainers and Wrapping

  1. I think you should start a bit slower. Start off by using it 2-3 hours a day and be sure to listen to your body, if you feel any pain (which you shouldn’t) you might need to take the waist trainer off for a while &/or get a bigger sized waist trainer. The first one won’t go to waist (lol, waste*) as you can use it once you need to size down.

    Best of luck girl!

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