Eyebrow madness

Ok… So it’s NO surprise…. I don’t know shit about makeup but I keep on trying. I don’t know what brands are the best for colored ladies… Shit… I don’t know what brands are best for any ladies. There’s so many different names and products that it can be a bit confusing. I see mascara that is sold for like 10-20 dollars. For MASCARA???? Really???? I remember when you could get mascara for .99 cents. Boy, have times changed. But let’s talk about this eyebrow thing. So, I USED to have big, full, THICK eyebrows, but unfortunately when I was in cosmetology school ( YES, I went to school for hair and beauty and don’t know shit, I left my last year and that was that. Trippy! lol…. but I did get my diploma) ok back to what I was talking about, Oh yes these brows. A classmate decided to experiment with the wax and my dumbass signed up to be first. Welllll…. my shit went from thick and full to slim and BARELY there! SHE FUCKED ME UP! You talk about LAUGH.. That’s all we could do. Every time someone looked at me, we would bust out laughing. So for the last 15 years, I’ve had some pretty jacked up eyebrows. How do I tend to them you ask?? I just take a razor and shape them and fix them but the downside to that is itchy ass eyebrows. Do know what its like to talk to someone and your eyebrows are itchy as hell?? You look simple and like you have something. NOT COOL. So then I tried to order those eyebrow stencils so that I could fix them and that didn’t work. I don’t know how to use them. I literally have to tape them to my face in order to use them and I still come out looking like Ray Charles did them. I’ve tried pencils, and those eyebrow kits from Amazon. My next step is magic marker. I know I should just let them grow out and go to someone and get them done right but I want to be able to do this. I wanna be hands on. I know your probably thinking, ” Who in Sam hell buys makeup off of Amazon,” but shit I had free Amazon money, why not. I need help BIG-TIME!! I have started to watch some of those YouTube videos on how to apply makeup and sweet CHRISTMAS, there’s a lot. I’m willing to try ANYTHING. I just a lil bit of guidance that’s all. Thanks guys





p.s…….. PLEASE don’t mind my bonnet….. I had thee WORST hair experience EVER and I just can’t talk about it right now because I’m just gonna get upset again…… Oh but I’m DEFINITELY going to talk about it because it was DISASTROUS!! Lol


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