The SWEETEST of meats

How many of you gals AND guys like sweet meat??? I’m talking about the SWEETEST of the meats? I’m talking about as soon as you hear or see the meat approaching you get excited. You salivate about the meat. The meat entices you.You sometimes even catch yourself looking at other people’s plates looking at their sweet meat like. ” DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN, that meat looks good as shit!!” That first moment you put the meat in.your mouth and your eyes lit up and you got all giddy inside because you didn’t think it was gonna taste that good. It kinda makes you moan a little bit like sex. Do you put all the meat in your mouth or do you go at it little by little??? What was your first experience like when you first tasted sweet meat??? It doesn’t really stink, UNLESS they don’t prepare it right. I like my sweet meat prepared the right way. I prefer less skin (bad for your health), and NO SALT!! I have high blood pressure ok!!!! Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m talking about PENIS!!!! #SweetMeat


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