Sex and Older men

Have you ever dated and or slept with an older man?? I’m not talking about 1-5 years or 20+ years older. Like in between 5-10 year difference between the two of yous? What was and/or what is the sex like?? Does he need viagra yet? Does he fuck you good and hard?? Does he eat the pussy like groceries?? The reason why I’m asking is because I am dating an older man (10 yr difference) and man oh MAN does he do me right!!! Now I have dealt with men my age and SOME of them were great and quite a bit of them were trash! Dick didn’t reach over their.balls after that shit got hard. TERRIBLE… Just terrible!! Some had noodle dicks, long but hold no weight and fuck like jack rabbits. I HATE THAT!!!! You barely have time to get yours before they’ve already came. You got to GO HOME NOW with that bullshit!! Now I’m gonna either do me and finish this shit myself OR call in back up and get done right. But my guy, ha…..FAAAAARRRRRR from all of that. When we first slept together, I thought his dick game was gonna be WACK AS HELL! All I kept thinking was, ” He’s OLD. He needs pills to get that shit up!” Yea well, ALL WRONG!! That man wore my young ass OUT!! I’ve never met a man MY AGE that could fuck me good and proper, cum, and ten minutes later be ready to fuck me exactly like he just did. This is some of the best dick I’ve ever had. And he STILL doesn’t need any pills to get that shit up and going. My baby strong like BULL! So ladies, if any older gentleman decides to hit on, and he doesn’t look bad, smells good, and he doesn’t come at you crazy, give him a chance. Just might be exactly what you needed in your life! #GetSome


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