I know I’m NOT the only person who has a SLIGHT addiction to watching the Kardashians. I will sit and watch like I’m a really big fan but in actuality, I really don’t get what it is exactly that they do! I know that they have stores, makeup, shoes, yadda yadda yadda…..But besides getting those  up and running (which is usually Kourtney and Khloe), what do they do?? Why do we continuously watch??? All they really ever do is sit around and talk, have lunch, have babies ( one is going HARD to get pregnant again), and take vacations. Oh and get married a lot. But what is it about THEIR lives do we enjoy watching?  I do have to give MRS WEST her props because she made an entire family famous off of sucking and fucking. Now THAT’S a power move! How many empires have been built on something like that?? The crazy parts (yes, there are parts lol) are, their stepfather is Bruce Jenner…. THEE Bruce Jenner!! THEE GOLD MEDAL WINNER!!!! I had NO clue who he was until they came along. lmao…. Sorry……….. Their father helped O.j win that trial. Their dad was HUGE then but….. We STILL didn’t know who she was. Then……. the tape drops! Now they’re EVERYWHERE! I’m NOT a hater, nor am I jealous. I’m just trying to figure out how to get MY tape of sucking and fucking LEAKED, so that I can put my family on too!!!! I think I’m pretty good at sucking dick. I’ve never gotten a complaint from my boyfriend. He’s pretty satisfied. I would get a bad ass weave, some sexy ass lingerie, shave that bush down there, and suck the shit out of the dick. What do you think??? You think it will sell?? I can only try and see right?? She did and now look…. #EVERYWHERE!!!


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