Muffin Tops

I have one question…………HOW IN SAM HELL DO SOME OF YOU LADIES WHERE YOUR CLOTHES SUPER DUPER TIGHT???? I totally understand a smidge bit of muffin top but EXTREME souffle is NOT a good look. I know that shit has got to hurt. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch my fat ass squeezed up […]

Shitty situations

So your boyfriend/girlfriend just stepped out of the shower BUT then they go back in like 20-30 minutes later to shit? Mind you, you already had it in your mind that you were going to go down on them. Do you still consider doing it??


Ok….. As I stated in a previous post about wrapping myself and all that good shit, I want to know………. Has anyone REALLY tried a waist trainer?? How about those wraps that aid in belly shrinkage???? How come they never show any excessively fat people trying these and their results??? I’m NOT a REALLY big […]

What gets your juices flowing

What is it about your spouse/ partner that turns you on?? What makes you desire them sexually? ?? Is is the way they touch you??? The way that they look at you and kiss you a certain way?? I know that when my love rubs the inside of my thighs, it turns me on and […]

Summer sweat: 5 steps

Originally posted on bodyfixz:
The warm weather is finally here, and that means you can shed those layers and hit the beach! It also means that it’s a great time to ditch the gym and take your workouts outside to help you shape up for this summer. Celebrity and professional athlete trainer Gunnar Peterson offers…


WHAT IS A BAD BITCH?????? Everytime you turn around, someone is either referring to themselves as a bad bitch or calling someone else a bad bitch. More than half the time they’re referring to their friends or Beyonce. Does being wealthy and wearing the latest fashions make you bad??? Does wearing skimpy ass clothes, ass […]


Just the other day I posted about not getting my period all the time and Pcos. Yeah, well guess who showed up…….. THIS BITCH!!!!! I should’ve known she was coming because I was having some serious cramps yesterday. I just assumed it was gas or I had to use the restroom. Sorry for the TMI.. […]