Does SIZE Matter????

Question…….. Have you ever been with a man who had a really BIG  dick??? I’m talking about WAAAAAYYYYY too much sweet meat to be cramming in your oven?? Did you enjoy that or was that a tab bit uncomfortable??? Does size matter when it comes to a mans dick?? I’m not just talking about length ladies…. I’m also referring to girth! You know, the THICKNESS of his shit. Shit so thick, your jaw hurts when your mouthing it. Yea, I’m not big into EXTRA SUPER thickness but I do like them thick. But back to the length and shit. Does it matter if he has a small dick BUT knows how to fuck you right?? What if he has TOO much dick but can’t fuck to save his life?? I’ve experienced that a few times. I didn’t like it so I never returned. Shit like that will make you want to search online for the instructions on ” How to use your big dick when you don’t know how” so that he can read up on his shit. It’s a waste of good dick if you ask me. So…. if he has a small dick AND can fuck you up and down the walls whenever, would you continue to deal with him?? If he had a big dick BUT couldn’t fuck you strong like you like, would you stay and work with him?? Even if BOTH were great people and treated you good? Is GOOD dick part of a great relationship??


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