Infatuations with a Dope boy

I used to LOVE me a dope boy!!! I’m talking about the MORE felonies you had, the more I liked you. I don’t know. I think it was the whole BAD BOY persona that they portrayed. And yes I said portray because half of them idiots were real fucking lames. I wasn’t one of them females that was calling ol boy asking him for money to get  my nails and hair done. I might ask for dinner every now and then but I was into just fucking you. Seriously. No bullshit. I would rather just get my guts smashed down, chill for a minute, and then leave. There was NO sleeping over UNLESS you really smashed me down or I liked you. But um, back to loving a dope boy. Something about how they carry themselves. SHEESH….. From their walk, clothes, shoes, how they carry themselves, to how they talk. Make a gals panties wet instantly. I would let a dope boy drive my car knowing damn well he doesn’t have a license in the first!! I was HOOKED!! But after awhile, having NUMEROUS other women in their lives, to going to jail more times than the sun shines in a year, I’m straight. That shit gets played out after a while. They also get a little controlling too

. I’m one of those females that if we aren’t TOGETHER as a couple, then I’m fair game to speak to someone else. But NOT when you fuck with a dope boy. They want to walk by and look at you funny like REALLY dude?? Aren’t you in a relationship with someone else??? Weren’t you JUST in another females face when I walked in??? OR…. they text you repeatedly talking shit while your enjoying yourself in the presence of another guy. Then follow you home, knowing they just fucked that situation up for you so they know you’ll be alone. And when you finally get alone with them, they talk shit about the dude allllllll night long and then expect to fuck you after all that……………….. Umm, I don’t know about  you ladies but….. I’m still fucking after all of that. Shit…. A girl’s gotta bust a nut too right??? That’s what they do right?? Fuck and leave. lol…. And I don’t think that that’s just a dope boy quality either. Some working  men will fuck and leave you too. Probably quicker.


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