It’s Friday night and I get a phone call telling me to be ready for a great night out. 10 p.m.and I’m in the car with my girls and it’s the three amigos in FULL time to turn up mode. I had been hearing about this “LCB NITES PRESENTS: COMIC BOOK STRIPPERS” so that’s where we were going. Mind you it’s my FIRST time ever experiencing anything of this nature. GIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…….. When I say GORGEOUS pieces of chocolate ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. There was even some caramel in there as well. These men twisted and turned and gyrated up and down. I was in PURE man HEAVEN!! Their bodies were SCRUMPTIOUS to look at. But there was one guy in particular that REALLY set it off for me. His name was Philly Knight Rider!!!!! He had this whip that he carried and when he popped that thing, I felt INSTANT shudders throughout my body. It was as if a little bolt of electricity hit my ass but in a good way. I know I wasn’t the ONLY female to feel it either because we ALL were throwing our dollars at him. SWEET BABY JESUS he did THAT! One guy even climbed up onto the table. These men came to WORK and they gave a HELL OF A SHOW!!! If you EVER hear about an “LCB NITES” event, I HIGHLY suggest you check it out. DEFINITELY was worth it. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next one!!! #Apollo #MrPlenty  #PhillyKnightRider #Body #LcbNites


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