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How many of you ladies wear weaves??? I’m not talking about braids. I mean weaves. Long, flowing, curly, straight, full head of OTHER PEOPLE’S HAIR attached to your scalp. I wanna try it. I want to give my hair a MUCH needed break!!!! I have tried putting my hair in extensions (long single braids) and even straight backs (cornrows) but unlike SOME ladies…… I LOVE MY EDGES!!! I did try getting a weave years ago but when your dealing with a kitchen beautician (someone who does hair at home) and they have NO EXPERIENCE in hair weaves AND they need numerous breaks AND it takes 2 WHOLE days AND you end up looking like who did it and ran…… Yea…. NO BUENO! I couldn’t even leave the house because my shit was JACKED!! If I did have to leave it wasn’t by choice and I wrapped my shit up so NO ONE could see it. It was tragic. And ever since then, I’ve been scared to try it again……….. I soooooo want to try it again but it’s crazy to go out and spend a car payment on getting your hair did. Do you think I would be stupid to try doing it myself? I’ve seen all of them YouTube videos where quite a bit of them ladies are doing them themselves. I did try to watch some of those videos when I got my hair done but I don’t think that person was paying attention. Nor did they see my vision. Ah hell, I don’t even know what my vision was. SAD! I wouldn’t go out and buy that expensive hair that cost 599.99 per bundle…. but I did see a 4 pack of bundles ranging from 18-24 inches at a STEAL of only 22.99. I wanna be EXTRA cute and be swinging my shit like everyone else this summer. Sooooooooo…………. would you experiment in your own shit and save a few dollars….OR…….. would you spend a car payment on your dome????? #iNeedHelp


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