WHAT IS A BAD BITCH?????? Everytime you turn around, someone is either referring to themselves as a bad bitch or calling someone else a bad bitch. More than half the time they’re referring to their friends or Beyonce. Does being wealthy and wearing the latest fashions make you bad??? Does wearing skimpy ass clothes, ass poked out, weave down to your kneecaps make you bad?? Does driving the latest whip get you Into the bad bitch club?? Is It a ” members only” thing?? What is it??? WHAT IS A BAD BITCH???? I by NO MEANS am trying to hurt ANYONE’S feelings, but if THOSE are just some of the qualifications of being a bad bitch……… I’m FARR from it. You know what some of the qualifications SHOULD be….. A MOTHERFUCKING HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND OR GED!!!! I’m not gonna knock getting a GED because I myself have one but guess what…… I GOT MY SHIT!!!! Another qualification…….having all your got damn teeth! Half these bad bitches ain’t seen a dentist since elementary school when they came for the yearly visit. But your outfit is on fleek and your Jordan’s are popping. GIRL BYE!!!!! Spell fleek???……….?????………. Don’t worry….. we’ll wait. Your boyfriend is a no good hustler who’s cheating on you as if his life depended on it. But YOUR winning. A bad bitch is someone who carries themselves with respect. You don’t ALWAYS have to be scantily clad in order to get a man’s attention. Shit, I know females who can wear sweat pants, no makeup, head wrapped up, and STILL be cute and approachable. And snatch those bad bitches men too. Don’t sleep on the girl who’s in the sweats and shit either because she can get jiggy with it just like the rest of you ladies. A real bad bitch knows how to KEEP her man from wandering away and playing in other people’s shit. Now if you’ve been with the same person for a long period of time, know how to keep them satisfied in every way, shape, and form. You keep a smile on their face and vice versa, AND they don’t have a problem professing their love for you to ANYONE……..  pat yourself in the back because. ………. YOUR A BAD BITCH!!! AND FROM NOW ON WHEN YOU GET UP IN THE MORNING FROM WEARING THAT ASS OUT IN MORNING SEX, ( IT’ S A MUST ) LOOK IN THE MIRROR, SMILE, AND SAY TO YOURSELF…… YOU’S A BAD BITCH!!!  


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