Just the other day I posted about not getting my period all the time and Pcos. Yeah, well guess who showed up…….. THIS BITCH!!!!! I should’ve known she was coming because I was having some serious cramps yesterday. I just assumed it was gas or I had to use the restroom. Sorry for the TMI.. lol…. She showed up and is showing OUT!!! I’m talking cramps so damn bad, my back feels like I have the leaning tower of Pisa on my shit. My ovaries feel like they’re being squeezed for fresh juice like lemons. My hips feel like I’ve been fucking since daybreak on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday. You know that feeling,  where he’s smashing you down from the back but he’s holding your hips really hard all while fucking you hard.Ughhhh….. I would rather be doing that right about now. My legs feel like I’ve been dancing to REALLY fast spanish music since birth and now all of sudden I wanna take a break.My shit HURTS!!!! My hormones are all over the place. I don’t know whether to cry, laugh, scream, punch someone in the face or clean the bathroom and wash dishes. I would kick people but my got damn hips and legs hurt, i’ll probably scream just lifting them up off the floor. I just want a back rub and a nap, but then I’m going to be mad because your rubbing too hard or not hard enough. I don’t even wanna carry these big ass titties around anymore. DAMN it!!! It sucks being a female. We may make it look REAL SWEET by wearing cute shit, makeup, hair weaves and extensions. But when it comes to getting your period and the motherfucking bullshit ass cramps that come along with it………..IT AIN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE! Guess I’m doing something right in this weight loss journey of mine and it hasn’t even been that long. Wish me luck during these next 5-7 days, someone might get karate chopped in the neck! And I have a headache!!!!!!! #Fuck


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