What gets your juices flowing


What is it about your spouse/ partner that turns you on?? What makes you desire them sexually? ?? Is is the way they touch you??? The way that they look at you and kiss you a certain way?? I know that when my love rubs the inside of my thighs, it turns me on and I get a little charged up. Does anyone else like it when they softly kiss and or just breathe a little bit right behind your ears????? Drives me INSANE!!!! I know he likes it when I rub his thigh, right next to that sweet meat……… watch that meat RISE to the occasion. Do you enjoy it when they touch and tease your nips??? I don’t particularly care for the hard play on my shits. I’m a little sensitive in that area. Just a light flick of the tongue and a good wet, juicy slurp…… Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt……. I’m liable to cause MAJOR flooding!!!! Oh, but back to that sweet meat……. Do you enjoy it more when your inebriated….. You know…… DRUNK. Or at least tipsy. Makes it a lot more enjoyable for him AND you. Your mouth is wetter, you get more slack in your jaw, you DON’T use your teeth as much. Now ladies……..when it comes to receiving, do you enjoy roughness or slow and gentle???? I don’t know about you but It’s NOT cool to eat pussy like your a ravaged animal. Just take your time while eating it. It won’t get up and leave…….. TRUST ME!!!!!!


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