Ok….. As I stated in a previous post about wrapping myself and all that good shit, I want to know………. Has anyone REALLY tried a waist trainer?? How about those wraps that aid in belly shrinkage???? How come they never show any excessively fat people trying these and their results??? I’m NOT a REALLY big broad and I damn sure ain’t skinny. And NO OFFENSE to any of you skinny bitches, I just hate that y’all can sit around and eat and eat with NO consequences.  But let my fat ass over indulge and not ONLY am I gonna gain weight in every witcha way possible but I’m gonna grow excessive fucking hair EVERYWHERE!!! I want the people who make things to help women lose weight or reshape their bodies to show REAL WOMEN!! Nine times out of ten, ALOT more fat bitches would really consider buying that shit. I know I would. There’s a GREAT chance that if one of those #Kardashians are wearing it, I’m NOT going to buy it. Them heffas is shaped and molded more than modeling clay at a daycare. I’m really NOT a hater and I know that with diet and exercise, I too, can look like that. But do you SERIOUSLY believe that their asses are proportionate with their legs? That doesn’t add up like 4+4=6. I’m just looking for REAL women, meaty women,  who have tried things like this and have gotten FANTASTIC results. Like when you go to and they all have size 2 models. We know it works for them, but will it WORK for ME?? Same thing with . SHOW ME A HAIRY CHICK THAT HAS USED IT AND IS SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS. That will really make me consider buying one. That damn NO NO too!!!!! All I’m saying is, can SOME of us BIGGER chicks get some shit advertised with us in mind?? And NOT just Jenny Craig commercials or those Januvia commercials either. Show them skinny bitches in that commercial. Show that they have sugar and carb problems too. It IS t.v right???? Just show us some REAL shit that’s all. I don’t have a whole bunch of funds to keep buying this and that. I don’t know about YOU, but I need to know that I got MORE than a two percent chance of this shit working. If not……….. It’s BACK to the saran wrap, sauna suit and tweezers for this chick!!!!!!!!!! P.s…… I might check out that ItWorks wrap though.


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