Muffin Tops

I have one question…………HOW IN SAM HELL DO SOME OF YOU LADIES WHERE YOUR CLOTHES SUPER DUPER TIGHT???? I totally understand a smidge bit of muffin top but EXTREME souffle is NOT a good look. I know that shit has got to hurt. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch my fat ass squeezed up into some shit I really have NO kind of business wearing but it won’t be EXTREMELY tight and I won’t need a medic to get out of it. I have a friend who enjoys wearing stuff like that and it just oozes up and out over the top of her jeans. And the shirts………….. Even TIGHTER…… My boyfriend says she looks like she’s wearing toddler arm bands. I know when I wear some tight bottoms and go to bend over, that shit be digging all in my gut. And I know that if I’M uncomfortable, then you other chicks are too. I know we all want our asses to look extra chunky in them there jeans but is that REALLY worth it? I know sometimes if your in a pair of REALLY uncomfortable bottoms,  that shit will make your stomach hurt so bad that you gotta shit something serious. Doesn’t wearing tight clothes like that make it easier for it to bust open at the seams on you? Imagine that your out on a date with the flyest man in town. You got on your ” You know you want me” outfit and it’s tight as hell. You excuse yourself to go to the ladies room. You go to pull your pants up and RIP…….Now your WHOLE ass is hanging out and you left your jacket with him. And you ain’t wearing ANY panties!!!!!! #Fucked


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