To shave or not shave

Fellas…….and ladies who love ladies………. When you perform oral sex on your lady, do you prefer LOTS of bush? And when I say LOTS of bush, I mean LOTS of bush. I’m talking almost 40 acres of unkept lawn. Hair connects from her box to her thighs. Hair so long you can braid it and add beads like Bo Derrick. How do you approach that?? Do you part it with a comb? Do you get ponytail holders and section it off?? It must be like licking a cat. Talk about hair balls in your mouth! YUCK!………………. Or do you prefer a clean, smooth surface? Totally hair free. SUPER smooth. Shit so smooth, she cums SUPER fast due to the closer contact now. I know it makes for a choke free night. No hair balls, your both sucking and fucking, the feeling is great and you guys are both cuming. Sounds like a win win to me…………BUT I must say that IF your a female who normally doesn’t do the extremely nakedness down there, DO NOT GO HARD IN THE PAINT ON THE FIRST NIGHT AFTER YOU DO IT!!!!!!! I repeat…………Do NOT let your spouse smash you down something fierce right after you clear away the bush. MAJOR damage! Your hello kitty is gonna SWELL up something serious! Like you over did It when trying to do the #KylieJennerChallenge. Your going to need ICE! OR PEAS!!! Just take it easy the first night. Enjoy the oral part though. Being bare down there makes for a SCREAMINGLY unforgettable orgasm…..especially if they do it right!!!!!!!


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