To ALL the #BEYONCE fans out there……. One question……  WHY does everyone worship her???? Why?? Now I KNOW I’m probably going to get attacked by the #beyhive aka the Beyonce diehard fans but frankly, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!! What is it about this chick that makes you wanna cry your eyes out and damn near drop dead when in her presence? Yes, she can sing….AND? The lady who sings the “goodnight song” on Sprout can sing too and we NEVER would would even consider crying for her. Yea, she got a nice body……AND?? EVERY single one of us ladies has a nice body to someone! Shit, 80% of us probably have way more ass than her also. I just don’t get it. She’s a great dancer too. But…..her acting skills definitely could use some work…………..It’s funny how AFTER that infamous “elevator fight” that self titled album came out . She basically told us what that was alllllllllll about. I bet NO one even really listened to the words. Seems like the ol GREAT one has been going through some bullshit with ol boy. She’s kinda been telling us what’s going on without really saying it. Yea, she has some songs where you think she ain’t going through no shit like this. But, yea…….she is. She was ALWAYS so quiet and hush hush about her love life, but now,  we see quite a bit more. They kinda shoved alot of it down our throats to deter us away from continuing to speculate about that footage of the fight. I don’t know about YOU but the ONLY reason I would attack my sister’s HUSBAND like THAT would be due to how he’s treating her, along with cheating. YOU can believe the hype that they put out to shut that down but I damn sure don’t. And she got REAL ratchet in that album as well…………………But anyways, this lady has over a BILLON and one fans and yet she NEVER tweets anything, she never really interacts with any of her fans and the only people we see her with are her family, the destinys child crew, and that’s it. Oh….my bad….. she JUST started hanging with Onika. If you ask me, that’s NOT a “come hang at my house,  kick your shoes off, and feel comfortable taking a shit at your house” friend! I think this is maybe to let someone other than those closet to her in to say, ” oh yea, everything’s cool with them” to the public. Another smoke screen. Just be real with the people pimp. Shit……. I know every one says your thee BADDEST bitch but shit, we all go through some shit with a man at one point in our lives.  Tina Turner got cheated on AND her ass BEAT for decades and WE still love her. I’m NOT saying that she gets beat up. SERIOUSLY doubt that one! Don’t get me wrong, I can dig her music and I am in NO way, shape, or form HATING on her …These are MY OPNIONS and observations….. Also, I’m NOT jelly of her coins and DAMN sure not jelly of  her man either……Now, we’re not asking for a 24/7, 365 reality show of your life. Just a little bit more interactive than usual that’s all. Get caught by page 6 of the New York Post, eating lunch, having drinks and laughing it up with a group of your girlfriends. Post a picture with a group of your friends chilling, enjoying life. There’s NOTHING like having a group of really and I mean REALLY good fucking friends to call when your going through some shit and you need an ear or two. Probably would’ve never went through that elevator bullshit either. But……………….I’m kinda glad we all got to see that though. Shit was funny as hell watching her little sister spaz out like that on Jay.


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