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Keep on Trucking

They say your family is all you have and that they should support one another. I don’t think my family read that part or was even told about that. You do any and everything you can to help out but can’t get that same kind of help in return. And when you continue to get treated like that you kind of start to experience depression. And I see why it leads to death. NO one wants to continue being treated unfairly especially when they don’t treat anyone in that same nature. There’s only so much one person can take before they feel like they would rather not be here any more.  There’s only so much crying a person can do before they just give up and throw in the towel. I’m going through a bit of that now. Yes, I can be jolly, funny, and I even talk about alot of crazy, off the wall stuff. But I’m also going through some shit too. This is my outlet. This is where I come to talk crazy and ask you guys about this and that. It helps me to not dwell on life’s hard times and get through this bullshit. If I didn’t have this as my outlet, I would be probably in a closet crying. I know I gotta get through this funk that I’m in because this isn’t ment for me. I know that I can change this. I know that I must do this to be a better ME!!!! This is just a minor hiccup in my life and this too shall pass. I got this! And if your reading this and experiencing anything of the sort just stop and tell yourself………. I CAN CHANGE THIS!!!! I CAN GET THROUGH THIS! It may take some time but I GOT THIS!!! And start doing what makes YOU happy! Start living your life for YOU! You can’t continue to please and do for everyone else. Do this shit for YOU! I’m finally at the end of the “make every one else happy” road and I just seen the exit for ” FUCK THEM, DO YOU” and I just took it. FINALLY…….IT’S ME TIME! I say that to say this……….NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. NEVER let them get the best of you or lead you down that road to depression because they stop while you keep on going. If you have started down that road already, bust a u-turn. It’s not too late. YOUR happiness is at the next exit. #JustKeepRiding

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