So me and big daddy a.k.a my boyfriend are getting it in the other day and he’s eating the hell out the groceries and all of sudden he stops. He’s like ” WHAT THE FUCK?” So I quickly became paranoid. Did I fart in his mouth? Did I urinate a lil bit on his lips? I KNOW I didn’t dirty sanchez him because I don’t have to go. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!!????………… He looks up and says “Wow babe, you got ALOT of grey hair down here!” WHAT………………WAIT A MINUTE…….GREY HAIR ON MY VAG??????? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????? I don’t have a LICK of grey hair on my head but I have it on my vagina????? Soooo……… simple ass says to him ” how many?” After he hit twenty… I made him stop. I’m not even FORTY years old yet…..WHY AM I GOING GREY IN THE BUSH????? That’s it……I’m going BALD!!!!!!


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