WHAT THE HELLIS WRONG WITH CHRIS BROWN????????? I swear he’s REALLY loosing his mind slowly………. but SURELY!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, he’s a HELL of a performer and can dance his ass OFF, but he’s unraveling right before our eyes. I think this Karruche chick got some cryptonite in them there itty bitty panties of hers. One minute he’s singing love songs and shit; flicking it up with her and then the next thing you know, he’s spazzing out, chasing her to her car, threatening to beat up male super models, and bogarting his way into HER car. Two days later, he’s tweeting long ass scriptures and heartfelt apologies. I know he hasn’t gone postal on her like he did Rhianna. That’s a good thing. I hope that he just falls back, takes care of that beautiful little girl, continues to shake and shimmy and make great fucking music. BUT………………. pimpin AIN’T easy and SOMEONE’S gotta do it!!!!!!


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