Let me put the head in

Ladies…… You EVER notice how your man ALWAYS wants to either fuck you in the ass or put his finger in your ass? How many of you enjoy that? I don’t mind slapping and popping me on my ass but just don’t go digging around back there. That hole is NOT meant for that type of play. I’m always told that it will help with making the ass fatter BUT I can’t find no one to vouch for that myth. I know Nicki Minaj and K.Michelle did NOT fuck in the butt to get them there rumps. What does it do for us females sexually?  Does it make us cum stronger and harder? The one thing I know for a FACT is you can’t get pregnant this way. BUT…………. I did do some digging around of my own ladies and it turns out that if your sucking the shit out of that sweet meat AND you put your finger between his ASSHOLE and his balls, he will cum like motherfucker!!!! Them feet will turn up and he’ll raise up out that bed like he was Jesus himself!!! But DON’T put your finger in his asshole. You won’t wanna be so sexual after if it does happen. Now………..how does one get him to ALLOW you to do such a thing?  I’m still trying to figure that out because my boyfriend damn near jumps through the ceiling if I even touch his ass. And now I wanna put my finger in between that. YEA RIGHT!!!!! You might wanna consider getting him super drunk, but BE EASY…. You could fuck around and get punched and wind up in the e.r with a broken nose or something. So proceed with caution. Click Here!


2 thoughts on “Let me put the head in

  1. There are a lot of us guys out here who are not into ass play AT ALL. If he isn’t treating you right, move on. I guarantee there are other men who are more compatible with you sexually.


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