See…….. I told you ladies that OLDER men are the shit. I see Kylie Jenner got herself an older man AND he’s slinging some SERIOUS looking sweet meat too! Did ANY of you ladies see that? I didn’t think his little ass was carrying THAT much weight in his pants. Now I see why Chyna Blac is MAD as all hell and throwing MAJOR shade at Kylie. She misses the shit out of that dick. I’d be tight too. Gonna take all that from me and swing it to my BEST friend’s little BABY sister. I wonder if she was asking Kim what was going on between HER man and her sister. I wonder if they’re still besties?? But anyways….. BACK to tyga and that sweet meat. And with that lip plumping that she’s been doing, I know it makes her head game that much better. Just slide them big ol lips up and over that head and you GOT EM! Make sure your mouth is SUPER juicy though. Makes his feet stand up!


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