Every lady has a dream dick….. That dick that you think of when your horny. You think about it at work. You might even think about it when your washing the dishes. That dick that makes your panties wet just envisioning it. What does it look like??? Is it long and thin like a noodle? By the way, from what I’ve seen on the internet, Chris Brown has noodle dick. Anyways….. Is it short and fat like a sausage? Me personally, I like my dick long and thick. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE me some girthy dick. The kind of dick that when they put that shit in your pussy, you have NO CHOICE but to say UGHHHHHHH….( in a good way). It’s like your pussy taking a BIG gulp of dick. You know what I’m talking about because if you suck dick (I know MOST of you ladies do), you feel it when you try to swallow a little bit while the dick is in your mouth. And if you’ve NEVER experienced that, then you my friend are sucking on some serious NOODLE DICK!


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