So Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have called it quits???? Hmmmm………….. Seems like I damn near called it when I wrote my post about Scott and why he should write that book!?!?… Like I stated before, I DO watch the show and I’ve BEEN saying that it’s a train fucking wreck just waiting to happen and look…it’s wrecking. I’m not saying that I want bad things to happen because I don’t. What I’m saying is…. NO ONE lives a picture perfect life! And to have it all play out on national television AND in social media…is BANANAS. But back to Scott and this book. Even though it PROBABLY was a mutual break up, shit is about to get ugly for ol boy. Khloe threw some shade by posting that picture of all three sticking their tongues out with the caption ” IDFWU!!!” Yea, that’s shade ladies and gentlemen and it was directly thrown at Scott, even though they didn’t tag him in it. We’re NOT stupid! You think they wouldn’t do it if the shoe was on the other foot and THEY could profit from it? Yeah right! Ask Lamar Odom if they won’t fuck up some commas in your checks. You WON’T do no fuck shit to them girls WITHOUT Kris Jenner coming for your ass! But yeah, THAT BOOK needs to be written. Cake up off of them heffas. Kourtney was probably boring and not so HIGH maintenance as the other ones but I know that he knows everything that them ladies tucked, sucked out, injected and shifted in them there bodies. Now’s the time to cash in!!! Information like that, ON THEM, is worth a PRETTY penny!!! Spill them beans SCOTT DISICK!!!!


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