How come Victoria secrets doesn’t have secrets for us thick sexy bitches? All these little bitches running around all cute and matching in their little bra and panty sets. Different colors. All types of shit. But not us thick bitches. We have to shop at either Lane Bryant or fucking Wal-Mart. An there’s only three […]


How do people with small children become MORBIDLY obese? When in Sam hell do you find the time to just sit down, relax and stuff your fucking face? I can understand sitting around when your child is a baby and or barely walking. But when they start really moving and shaking, it’s a non stop […]

Friends to Enemies

Ladies… I have a question. Why is it that when a female friend tells you that your man is cheating on you, the first thing that you do is say she’s jealous? Or she’s just talking shit because she’s all of a sudden happy? I’ve watched countless females throw away lifelong friends behind some dick. […]

Sucking and Fucking

How many of you ladies and gentlemen are into threesomes?? Is it usually man and two women or are some of you men cool with watching another man fuck and suck all over your lady? Actually, how many of you men are cool with that??? And if you are,  pat yourself on the motherfucking back!!!!!! […]

Am I bugging????

So my son’s birthday is coming up and his father and then decided to combine parties with his nephew so that we didn’t have to have two parties and save everyone money. Come to find out, his nephews mother went and got her child a cake and delegated other people to bring something. So all […]


They say that communication is  KEY in any relationship. Yeah well….. FUCK EM! How did I spend damn near seven years in a great relationship and NOT know that my boyfriend was cheating on me??? So absorbed in being a better provider and mom, I never stopped to pay attention to him. He could’ve said […]