They say that communication is  KEY in any relationship. Yeah well….. FUCK EM! How did I spend damn near seven years in a great relationship and NOT know that my boyfriend was cheating on me??? So absorbed in being a better provider and mom, I never stopped to pay attention to him. He could’ve said something.  But that’s not the point! Who breaks up with someone on their BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!?!?!????GREAT communication skills! I wanted to bust his windows out of his fucking car, split his tires, put Bologna and eggs all over his damn car AND in it but that isn’t going to fix how I feel long term. I could just let his friend Earl feel all on my booty in front of him, but then that  will end their friendship and he’ll probably end up going to jail, then I’m REALLY gonna be fucked because my son won’t see his father, and I damn sure can’t get my free time on the weekends like I do now. Ughhhh!!! All I can do really is just be MAD! But I can’t do that either because then he’s won that game and I’m NOT giving him that satisfaction!!  FUCK THAT!!  What I WILL do is start doing me from now on. I will  make new friends who happen to be men. I will go on personal mini vacations and enjoy myself. I may even take my son to Disney world. Just him and I. It’s time to start over and build new bonds with new people. #WishMeLuck


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