Friends to Enemies

Ladies… I have a question. Why is it that when a female friend tells you that your man is cheating on you, the first thing that you do is say she’s jealous? Or she’s just talking shit because she’s all of a sudden happy? I’ve watched countless females throw away lifelong friends behind some dick. Is it really worth it? I know females who have met men while they were incarcerated, held them down the entire time, but as soon as he gets on his feet and mingling with other females, it’s a wrap on you and he’s outtie 5000! And then when you mention what you seen, they instantly become angry and lash out at you. When in reality, they want to lash out at him but can’t because then he’s really going to leave her. I’ve seen females with lavish apartments, tricked out cars, and jewelry that the queen of England would die for but guess what………. When HE left, so did the tricked out cars, that jewelry you THOUGHT was real, FAKER than the hair you wove onto your scalp and your lavish apartment is now home to the next bitch. Ladies……when your girlfriends, home girls, sisters, female cousins, and right fucking hand, tells you that YOUR man, boo, or whatever you wanna call him is doing some serious fuck shit……BELIEVE THEM!!! Them chicks do NOT want your man!  They see the dumb shit he puts you through so why on earth would they want that for themselves? Stop thinking their being sneaky and start thinking that their just being true fucking friends! Tighten the fuck ladies! You can ALWAYS get another man but you can NEVER get a friend like that back!!!


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