How do people with small children become MORBIDLY obese? When in Sam hell do you find the time to just sit down, relax and stuff your fucking face? I can understand sitting around when your child is a baby and or barely walking. But when they start really moving and shaking, it’s a non stop thing. It really erks me when I see fat people in those buggys flying around the grocery stores with a ton of processed foods in the front basket, while their kids either push shopping carts behind them or walk alongside them. And the kids look like they weigh 6lbs each. Or they fly around in those red chairs without the cart attached to the front. Ughhhh……… I have this neighbor whose overweight and in one of those chairs. Every single time I see her, she’s in that chair. Chain smoking cigarettes and coughing. I want to know how she changes her clothes? I want to tell her so bad ” GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT THAT CHAIR AND WALK!! ” But I know that’s disrespectful so I just think it and maybe just MAYBE she can pick up on it. I HIGHLY doubt it. Oh and DON’T get me started on that damn lap belt. I think people should just wrap their lips with rubber bands and tighten their belts a little bit more. You will definitely save yourself a TON of money. But back to the kids. Kids move too much for you to be super fat. Get up! Chime in and involve yourself in some of the things that they do. Go for a walk with them. Stop laying around watching tv while making them stay on the couch with you. Let them go to the park. Let them be fucking kids. Oh and start sharing them snacks you got tucked on the side of the couch too! You think the kids don’t know. They be knowing!!!!


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