Soooooo……the train wreck that is the Kardashians is back on t.v.and it seems to be getting a little bit juicy. Scott’s about to make his grand exit, Kylie steps up into the limelight a lot more, and the claws are coming out between Kim and Khloe. Ohhhhhhhh………….. I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one who caught Khloe call Kim a slore and hint at her old slorish ways. Talk about TIGHT! All Kim could do was cut her eyes and flip her hair. Now, I’m hearing that their mom, Kris Jenner, wants to have Rob come back to the show and document his weight loss journey. Nobody would really pay attention to that. If you REALLY want to get everyone back on board that Kardashian luxury yacht, document Khloe and Lamar rekindling their relationship/ marriage. Trust me honey, EVERYONE including the president would watch that shit. ESPECIALLY after you disrespected him to thee FULLEST and had everyone believing he was smoking crack. Now THAT would be good got damn t.v! Every season, we watch her mention him and wanting that relationship back and trying to reach out to him. Just admit to all of the world that you fucked up. He wasn’t smoking crack. Maybe he dabbled in other people’s pussy a little too often, but hey, say that shit. Now had you said he was doing dope, then you MIGHT have been a lot more persuasive, especially NOW. Just slide that pride to the side and GET YOUR MAN GIRL!! I KNOW you have got to be missing the shit of that dick. And we ALL know, there’s NOTHING like some good ass dick! #StopPlaying


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