How old is WAY too fucking old to take “NAKED selfies” of yourself?? I have an aunt who is in her mid fifties, who’s not too bad looking,  who recently got caught taking naked selfies of herself. Mind you, she has four children and about eleven grandchildren. She’s been married three times and her first husband was the same age as her second child. Now I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be doing this but I’m also not saying that it’s cute. But at what age do ” naked selfies” stop being taken? Can you imagine walking in on your grandmother butt ass naked talking a selfie? What do you do? What do you say? How do you feel about what you just saw? Does it cross your mind about who the recipient of that there picture is? Do you barf? Do you cry? I know that if I EVER encounter something of that nature, the first thing that would cross my mind is, ” My grandmother is a fucking freak!” And then probably scream. Lol


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