The Spice of Life

Having sex in your bedroom can get pretty boring after a while and sometimes you have to think outside of the box and spice shit up. Where’s the craziest place that you have had sex at? I’m not talking about having sex in the shower or shit like that because that too can get boring also. I’m talking about outside on a picnic bench in your local park when the sun is setting. Or on the side of the house while at a family barbecue. Shit like that! The craziest place that I have had sex in is on the boardwalk, surrounded by water and lights ( mind you, I’m DEATHLY afraid of large bodies of water, due to not being able to swim), the bridge in the  background lit up, and across the water, a huge metal company that’s also lit up. If you ask me, SOMEONE seen us that night. There was NO way in hell that they couldn’t. Rockefeller center during Christmas wasn’t as lit up as this area was. I was so wrapped up in the moment that I didn’t even care. It was kinda exciting really. The idea of someone seeing you and watching you get your rocks off………..sorry, kinda got stuck in that moment real quick. My bad lol. Or having sex in your kitchen while there are people in your house. Sometimes you have to change it up or your significant other will change you for someone else who’s into trying new things. Fellas, if she’s not spicing shit up then YOU spice it up. Slide your hand in her panties and play with her pussy while she’s cooking or washing dishes. Don’t be afraid to initiate shit. If you guys like fishing, eat her pussy while she’s waiting for a fish. Ladies, take your man for a nice leisurely walk after dinner, and while walking bump into him every now and then and stroke his dick. Get him nice and hard and slide off and suck him off real quick. Mannnnn…..he’s probably not gonna make it back home to fuck you there, but hold him off and continue to stroke it until you get home. He’s going to bust your guts WIDE open to the white meat when he does get to fuck you!!!! You have to keep your sex life popping. It is a MUST!!!!!!! Don’t be a stick in the butt. Nobody likes a stick in the butt!


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