What would you do to become famous?? Would you make a sex tape? What would your sex tape be like? Would you film it like a day in the life of you? You know where your just hanging out with your boo thang, chilling, grubbing, fucking and sucking? Kinda like Kim K’s tape BUT with GREAT sex and good dick sucking skills. You MUST have good dick sucking skills in order for men to really want to watch it. I don’t even like watching pornos if her sucking skills are not up to par. You gotta love the dick. Become one with the dick. Enjoy sucking it and feeling it grow bigger and bigger in the palms of your hands. I think I could make a great porno. ESPECIALLY if I can get paid off of it. Man listen….. I’m sucking the skin off of that pipe cleaner!!! I’m throwing ass like I’m Derek Jeter and it’s the last game of the World Series, bottom of the ninth. By the time that I’m done, EVERYONE in the room should want a cigarette. I’m going IN! The ONLY thing that I’m gonna need is…………….a man with a WHOLE lot of penis. There’s no way in HELL that a great porno can be made with a baby dick………NO WAY POSSIBLE!!! You can’t even get good sex with a man who has a baby dick. No one is going to watch that. It would be considered a comedy, NOT a porno. But yeah, I’m down for fucking and sucking on the big screen. And I want a huge premier party when it comes out and LOTS of press. I would say that it was leaked BUT there’s only so many times that people will believe that before it gets old and played out. I would be straight up honest, ” Yes, I knew about it, yes I let them film, yes I want you to purchase it, and……….thank you, come again.


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