Watch “Lamar Odom Goes Off on TMZ Camerman: “I Been Taking This Sh*t for 2 Years Straight!”” on YouTube ……….STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING THAT FAMILY SAYS!!!! I hope and PRAY he gets the opportunity to spill his fucking beans about them. Caitlyn Jenner has already began telling about the shit that Kris Jenner has put him through and they came after him like stank on shit. Scott lost both of his parents within a month of each other and they basically told him to just suck it up. REALLY BITCH???? Only YEEZUS knows what they are going to do to him. I can’t wait for the day that Lamar and Scott disick to let their lips fly BUT it’s gonna take for kanye west to go through the bullshit before shit REALLY hits the fan!!! Oh……..and believe me you…..IT’S COMING!!!! Watch and wait


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