What makes marriage hard?

What is so hard about being married? I hear people and I mean A LOT of people say that marriage is really hard. I know that since I haven’t been married before, I probably won’t understand, but I’ve been in long-term relationships before and we really didn’t have any problems where we were violent or really harsh towards one another. I know people who have been together for 5,6,10 years and have no problems, but as soon as they get married all of a sudden it’s hard. HOW? You’ve just spent all this time with this person BEFORE getting married and then shit got hard. What changed? WHAM-O!!!!!!! That’s the number one question……..WHAT CHANGES AFTER YOU GET MARRIED? Besides your last name. You have sat beside this person for YEARS, watched them go through good times, bad times, and vice versa. You may have had children together. You guys have taken trips, you may have even cleaned up each other’s puke and wiped each other’s asses for all we know. What made it hard AFTER you signed that paper? #thoughts #comments #opinions #share


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