How do people with small children become MORBIDLY obese? When in Sam hell do you find the time to just sit down, relax and stuff your fucking face? I can understand sitting around when your child is a baby and or barely walking. But when they start really moving and shaking, it’s a non stop […]


I’m a member of JustFab and awhile back I took advantage of a special that they were running. I ordered my first pair and ONLY paid 4.99 with FREE shipping and handling. I was so torn between like 15 different pairs of shoes and I finally went with the Tallies. Talk about smoking hot…….These bitches […]

Playing with your pussy

Have you ever been alone and super horny but your significant other isn’t there? Do you masturbate and think of them? What is going through your mind while your getting all juiced up?

Teach me how to dougie

Question…….. Does anyone work out of their homes??? I know a few if not more, own their own businesses but for the ones that don’t, what is it that you do???? The reason that I’m asking is because I would like to start working from home but I just don’t know what. I was thinking […]

Fucking fat chicks

Men…………….. How come you guys don’t fuck fat chicks?? I’m not saying fall in love, get married and have babies. Just fucking. You guys do know fat chicks have some of the BEST pussy right?? I’m not talking about slightly wet. Them chicks are straight gushers!! And NO it’s not because it’s crazy loose either. […]

Muffin Tops

I have one question…………HOW IN SAM HELL DO SOME OF YOU LADIES WHERE YOUR CLOTHES SUPER DUPER TIGHT???? I totally understand a smidge bit of muffin top but EXTREME souffle is NOT a good look. I know that shit has got to hurt. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch my fat ass squeezed up […]

Shitty situations

So your boyfriend/girlfriend just stepped out of the shower BUT then they go back in like 20-30 minutes later to shit? Mind you, you already had it in your mind that you were going to go down on them. Do you still consider doing it??