What makes marriage hard?

What is so hard about being married? I hear people and I mean A LOT of people say that marriage is really hard. I know that since I haven’t been married before, I probably won’t understand, but I’ve been in long-term relationships before and we really didn’t have any problems where we were violent or […]

Watch “Lamar Odom Goes Off on TMZ Camerman: “I Been Taking This Sh*t for 2 Years Straight!”” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/nofeyuqtzkA ……….STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING THAT FAMILY SAYS!!!! I hope and PRAY he gets the opportunity to spill his fucking beans about them. Caitlyn Jenner has already began telling about the shit that Kris Jenner has put him through and they came after him like stank on shit. Scott lost both of his parents within a […]


How come Victoria secrets doesn’t have secrets for us thick sexy bitches? All these little bitches running around all cute and matching in their little bra and panty sets. Different colors. All types of shit. But not us thick bitches. We have to shop at either Lane Bryant or fucking Wal-Mart. An there’s only three […]


I’m a member of JustFab and awhile back I took advantage of a special that they were running. I ordered my first pair and ONLY paid 4.99 with FREE shipping and handling. I was so torn between like 15 different pairs of shoes and I finally went with the Tallies. Talk about smoking hot…….These bitches […]

Caitlyn Jenner

WELL…….WELL……WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…………….. The Cat has been exposed and I must say………….Caitlyn Jenner looks great!!!!! I’m so fucking happy for ol girl. After being in that household for a quarter of a century with ALL that estrogen, something was bound to happen. Did I think it was going to be BRUCE?????? HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOT DAMN NO!!!!! Rob…..yes. I […]