The Spice of Life

Having sex in your bedroom can get pretty boring after a while and sometimes you have to think outside of the box and spice shit up. Where’s the craziest place that you have had sex at? I’m not talking about having sex in the shower or shit like that because that too can get boring […]

Let me put the head in

Ladies…… You EVER notice how your man ALWAYS wants to either fuck you in the ass or put his finger in your ass? How many of you enjoy that? I don’t mind slapping and popping me on my ass but just don’t go digging around back there. That hole is NOT meant for that type […]

Would you like cheese on that

How do you prefer your tits??? Do you like the aggressive kind where they are SUPER big and charge at you like a dinosaur from Jurassic park?  Or do you like the small quiet kind that you have to coax out the corners like baby kittens?

Fucking fat chicks

Men…………….. How come you guys don’t fuck fat chicks?? I’m not saying fall in love, get married and have babies. Just fucking. You guys do know fat chicks have some of the BEST pussy right?? I’m not talking about slightly wet. Them chicks are straight gushers!! And NO it’s not because it’s crazy loose either. […]


To ALL the #BEYONCE fans out there……. One question……  WHY does everyone worship her???? Why?? Now I KNOW I’m probably going to get attacked by the #beyhive aka the Beyonce diehard fans but frankly, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!! What is it about this chick that makes you wanna cry your eyes out and damn […]

To shave or not shave

Fellas…….and ladies who love ladies………. When you perform oral sex on your lady, do you prefer LOTS of bush? And when I say LOTS of bush, I mean LOTS of bush. I’m talking almost 40 acres of unkept lawn. Hair connects from her box to her thighs. Hair so long you can braid it and […]

Muffin Tops

I have one question…………HOW IN SAM HELL DO SOME OF YOU LADIES WHERE YOUR CLOTHES SUPER DUPER TIGHT???? I totally understand a smidge bit of muffin top but EXTREME souffle is NOT a good look. I know that shit has got to hurt. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch my fat ass squeezed up […]