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Teach me how to dougie

Question…….. Does anyone work out of their homes??? I know a few if not more, own their own businesses but for the ones that don’t, what is it that you do???? The reason that I’m asking is because I would like to start working from home but I just don’t know what. I was thinking about becoming a travel agent and work out of my home. Is anyone in that field? I also wanted to become a brand ambassador and rave about other people’s shit. I’m really good at talking about other people’s shit. I think I could sell the hell out of some shit. Ah shit……. I didn’t mean to refer to anyone’s products as shit. What I meant to say was I think I could sell a lot of a person’s products. I want to be able to get up, send my child out the door to school, brush my teeth, wash my face, grab a cup of coffee and get to clicking away on the computer. I don’t want to have to use the bathroom behind Cindy who just finished emptying her guts out before lunch. Everyone shits. Some people are comfortable having bowel movements at work. I am NOT one of them. So that’s another thing to take into consideration with me working from home. I also would like to have another baby………soon. So that’s an even BIGGER reason for me to find something that I can do from home. I just want to help my honey provide for our little family. That’s the main thing. And if I can’t find something, then it’s back to smelling Cindy’s shit before lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!