Playing with your pussy

Have you ever been alone and super horny but your significant other isn’t there? Do you masturbate and think of them? What is going through your mind while your getting all juiced up? Advertisements

Fucking fat chicks

Men…………….. How come you guys don’t fuck fat chicks?? I’m not saying fall in love, get married and have babies. Just fucking. You guys do know fat chicks have some of the BEST pussy right?? I’m not talking about slightly wet. Them chicks are straight gushers!! And NO it’s not because it’s crazy loose either. […]


I have been in and STILL am madly in love with the same man for almost 5 yrs. We have one child together and would like to have another one…..soon. I have NEVER been married before but he has. Just recently he asked me what would I say if he popped that HUGE question. Of […]



It’s Friday night and I get a phone call telling me to be ready for a great night out. 10 p.m.and I’m in the car with my girls and it’s the three amigos in FULL time to turn up mode. I had been hearing about this “LCB NITES PRESENTS: COMIC BOOK STRIPPERS” so that’s where […]

Infatuations with a Dope boy

I used to LOVE me a dope boy!!! I’m talking about the MORE felonies you had, the more I liked you. I don’t know. I think it was the whole BAD BOY persona that they portrayed. And yes I said portray because half of them idiots were real fucking lames. I wasn’t one of them […]