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See…….. I told you ladies that OLDER men are the shit. I see Kylie Jenner got herself an older man AND he’s slinging some SERIOUS looking sweet meat too! Did ANY of you ladies see that? I didn’t think his little ass was carrying THAT much weight in his pants. Now I see why Chyna Blac is MAD as all hell and throwing MAJOR shade at Kylie. She misses the shit out of that dick. I’d be tight too. Gonna take all that from me and swing it to my BEST friend’s little BABY sister. I wonder if she was asking Kim what was going on between HER man and her sister. I wonder if they’re still besties?? But anyways….. BACK to tyga and that sweet meat. And with that lip plumping that she’s been doing, I know it makes her head game that much better. Just slide them big ol lips up and over that head and you GOT EM! Make sure your mouth is SUPER juicy though. Makes his feet stand up!

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You know who I think should write a book?????……. The Lord himself……..SCOTT DISICK! That’s right America……… SCOTT MOTHAFUCKIN DISICK!!! He’s been there from the beginning of the show. Remember when Kris told him he wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship? I even remember when those little naked pics of Kourtney ALMOST came out and the Feds came and he thought he was gonna vomit. I think they wanted them shots to come out to the public. Shit, SOMEONE was gonna get this family popping!!!!! But anyways, back to Scott. Do you know how much shit he knows. He knows probably ALL of Kim, Kris, and Khloe’s secret surgical procedures. He knows what they want and don’t want us to see in the show. He knows the REAL deal on how shit went down between Kim and that Humphries boy. Scott also knows what REALLY happened between Khloe and Lamar. I know in my gut ( its PREEETTTTYYY deep) that that man wasn’t smoking crack. COME ON PEOPLE!!! He flipped out on her about trying to slip him melatonin in his tea. I pay attention!!! You know she was hurt by all the cheating that was finally in the open and her mom and Kim concocted the crack story. MY OPINION ok. But if my husband was smoking crack, I’m NOT going to go on tape saying, ” I would rather be with Lamar!” months later. But back to Scott, you know what would be the BIGGEST shocker in the book, for him to explain why Rob won’t come out that got damn ROOM!!! Maybe it’s because he has to come up out that closest first. I’m not trying to be mean or anything of the sort. Bruce did it and look, he’s accepted and the world continues. It’s ok if you like to put sweet meat in your mouth sugar. Hell, I enjoy putting it in mines. Shit, I’ve even tried eating carpet once. I wasn’t in college and I was slightly fucked up………… Who am I kidding….. I WAS SHIT FACED!!! But I did try it. Not my cup of tea but shit, do you. But Rob, yeah, I don’t know who was more devastated by the breakup more, Khloe or Rob. And do you know that that book would sell BILLIONS!!!! Scott has come a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG way from t-shirts, jeans and dress shoes, to suits and ties with the straight comeback of the hair. He’s been a trooper when it comes to dealing with ALL of those females in one family. I’m shocked he’s made it this far. But I’ll tell you something…………… IF that book comes out, its gonna be WORLD WAR THREE!!! But it’s gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD AND JUICY! #CantWait …… p.s….. I know it’s probably NEVER going to happen BUT a girl can dream right???