See…….. I told you ladies that OLDER men are the shit. I see Kylie Jenner got herself an older man AND he’s slinging some SERIOUS looking sweet meat too! Did ANY of you ladies see that? I didn’t think his little ass was carrying THAT much weight in his pants. Now I see why Chyna […]

Let me put the head in

Ladies…… You EVER notice how your man ALWAYS wants to either fuck you in the ass or put his finger in your ass? How many of you enjoy that? I don’t mind slapping and popping me on my ass but just don’t go digging around back there. That hole is NOT meant for that type […]

To moan or NOT moan

Do you EVER stifle your moans when your having sex? I understand that there’s soft moaning, slightly loud moaning,  and then there’s SCREAMING. In MY opinion, soft moaning is USUALLY used when your significant other is coming up SHORT in the sweet meat department. Ain’t NO damn way in hell your screaming while having intercourse […]

Would you like cheese on that

How do you prefer your tits??? Do you like the aggressive kind where they are SUPER big and charge at you like a dinosaur from Jurassic park?  Or do you like the small quiet kind that you have to coax out the corners like baby kittens?


WHAT THE HELLIS WRONG WITH CHRIS BROWN????????? I swear he’s REALLY loosing his mind slowly………. but SURELY!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, he’s a HELL of a performer and can dance his ass OFF, but he’s unraveling right before our eyes. I think this Karruche chick got some cryptonite in them there itty bitty panties of […]


To ALL the #BEYONCE fans out there……. One question……  WHY does everyone worship her???? Why?? Now I KNOW I’m probably going to get attacked by the #beyhive aka the Beyonce diehard fans but frankly, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!! What is it about this chick that makes you wanna cry your eyes out and damn […]