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How come Victoria secrets doesn’t have secrets for us thick sexy bitches? All these little bitches running around all cute and matching in their little bra and panty sets. Different colors. All types of shit. But not us thick bitches. We have to shop at either Lane Bryant or fucking Wal-Mart. An there’s only three fucking colors to choose from. Black, white and nude! What the fuck is nude anyway? And to top it off they don’t even try to at least make them pretty in some kinda way. Can we get a cute pattern or some lace? Can we get some sexy shit? I’m just saying!! Oh and don’t even forget the panties! Where in Sam hell can you find a thong or g-string in a 2x or a 3x. I know some people are probably thinking if your THAT big then you don’t have any business wearing either one of those, BUT them big bitches need love and affection too. They wanna be cute and shit under their clothes as well. We understand that making bras and panties for larger and thicker women would cost a little bit more money to make but shit we are WILLING to buy them. Come on Vicky, lets make some secrets for the big girls. I’m not saying nothing bad about Lane Bryant but I just don’t get a sexy feeling when I wear their bras. I wanna be and FEEL sexy under my clothes. I wanna be able to take my clothes off in front of my boo thang and his reaction be like, ” DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”. I think Wal-Mart and Lane Bryant need to talk to their design teams and come up with some sexy shit for the thick bitches in the bra and panty area. Oh and leave that underwire out. That’s for those little tittee bitches. That shit hurts like a motherfucker when it pops thru the material and pokes you all up. And it makes us look like our tits are in our necks. That’s not a good look either. It’s 2015, the time for big and thick bitches is IN!! WE are what’s POPPING!!! WE WANT SOME SEXY SHIT TOO!! Hook us up VICTORIA SECRET!!!